Death of a Salesman

For now, until the end of May, we will be using the following worksheets in class. If you find yourself missing one day, please download the assigned worksheet, fill it in, and email it to me. Notice that there are no dates with the worksheets as testing has put many of my classes on different schedules.

Here are the worksheets:


Here is the link to the full text online:

If you need help with the characters, plot, themes, etc., check out the summaries and student assistance available at shmoop: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

Finally, for those of you who need to get a lot of point really fast, your final chance to boost your grade will be writing a 5-6 page literary analysis essay answering the following question about Death of a Salesman: What, ultimately causes the death of Willy Loman? You should trace this tragic flaw throughout all of his relationships in the text, showing how it corrupts everyone in his life. It is due at midnight on Tuesday, May 21st (no exceptions) and you also must sign up for an individual conference with me on Wednesday, May 22nd to discuss and defend your paper.

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